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Mr Conspicuous

Mr Conspicuous

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We have been away. We missed you. Oh how we missed you. During our thousand-league journey through the collective unconscious of intergalactic eternity we found ourselves looking down into the heart of a bright nebula, within which shone dreams like christmas tree lights wrapped around a dark fist. Reaching down into this whorl of pure imagination we have stolen a beautiful Promethean nightmare to drive into your quivering eyeballs.

I speak of a film. A film honed and sharpened by a mind which could cut diamonds, and acted with such conviction that if it does not leave you weeping, it will leave later while you are not looking. A film that the highly respected and world-renowned critics Roger Ebert, Richard Roeper and Gene Siskel gave four stars (collectively). A film so inspired, so entrancing, and containing so many explosions that it is unable to exist in the same dimension as Big Momma's House and Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo. We are sad to say that a rift in space-time carried it far beyond our grasp into the upper echelons of the ether, where we are not fit to follow.

But all is not lost. As we knelt, bleeding, in the lowest gutter in the filthest red-light district, Grace saw fit to shine upon us for just one flicker before disappearing behind cloud. We have one little inch, one tiny shred - a memento, if you will.

It is the trailer to the film.

Shrivel in despair as we show you, Mr Conspicuous: The Man With the Plastic Hat.
  • You had me at "Male Gigolo". Even if you couldn't spell it right (I get kind of touchy when people can't even spell my occupation correctly... ho ho ho).

    But seriously, FUCK YEAH!
  • You guys outdid yourselves. Seriously. This is fucking awesome. I intend to show it off to everyone I know.

    I already showed it off to Dad, he said "Send them my congratulations and deepest disgust." or something along those lines. He also made a comment about Lucas looking good in front of the camera which I found just a little bit disturbing.

    I mean, Lucas does, but DAD shouldn't notice that.

    Anyway, yeah, fucking WOW. Just...fucking WOW!
  • Haha fucking awesome. It made me laugh so much a little wee came out. Especially the bit when Mr Conspicuous hides behind the wall, changes his hat as a disguise... it works... and the shriek of laughter afterwards.

    Brilliant. I've friended you. MORE MORE!

    PS: OCTEMBER - gold.
  • really truly great work... I was unaware that technologies such as these were accessible by the petty human race....
    • Great!

      Jippie, i just watched it and I'm deeply impressed! Even as english is not my mother-tongue.
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