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Heartless Corporation

Slappity Bam - Clump 2

Slappity Bam - Clump 2

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Slappity Bam - Clump 2

Well, here it is. The follow-on from our critically unseen 'Clump 1', poignantly titled, 'Clump 2'. We've tried as best we could to follow your kind advice, which was to make another episode. Now that we have more than just our debut to lean upon we shall begin the process of casting our otherworldy tendrils into the digital ether that envelopes this world, and slowly, ever so slowly, climb into the collective head of Mankind.

We will be gentle.

Thankyou for your cooperation.
  • So does that mean we should be promoting the hell out of it with bumper stickers, shameless plugs to friends and family members, and a complicated system of flashing lights displayed in the night sky each evening from six pm to midnight? If so, you might want to consider the logistics of such an undertaking, whether the investment in lightbulbs is worth the potential increase in viewers, whether you have ladders tall enough to reach the sky, etc.

    Funny shit, though, like last time. When you are our overlords, I will submit to your rule.
    • Yes we are asking you to do that, and no, the logistics/cost of such undertakings are not our problem.
  • There once was a man from the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia
    Who decided to take up rigorous and tiring yoga.
    When he stretched his legs too far,
    He was hit by a car,
    And now one leg's in Wales, the other in Georgia.
  • *Cheers*

    Good stuff.

    I require more.

  • Musica per qualcuno mente

    Musica per tutti
  • Yes, Am I

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