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Imagine taking the outrageous slapstick of a Rob Schneider film, combining it with the back-and-forth word play of “Friends”, and then flavouring the whole thing with the postmodern surrealism of recent episodes of “The Simpsons”. Then imagine firing that into the sun and watching our stuff instead.

Heartless Corporation creates humour. From audio to video to print, we’re striving to get our fingers (after washing them) in every pie with our unique style of comedy. Aside from manufacturing our own ideas, we also offer our services of filming, post-production and DVD authoring. We are not available for children’s parties. Possibly adult parties though.


A self-proclaimed 'child prodigy', Wes Gardner's debut in sketch comedy came with The Wes Gardner Show, which, much like all good Australian comedy, never made it to TV. Now, years of academia and heavy drinking later, Wes is back on the comedy scene and is as funny as he may have ever been. Wes creates the cool linking-device images in Slappity Bam, writes a great deal of its material, and is one of the two Managing Directors of Heartless Corporation. He wears glasses.

Between the time of his birth and the present day, Lucas Heil has worked in live web broadcasting, directing and producing, as well as working as a camera operator and editor for television and video productions. Obviously not constantly since his birth, it wasn’t meant in the literal sense. He has written, directed, edited and produced various short films, music videos, and also has a hand in the DVD authoring scene. Lucas is the other Managing Director of Heartless Corporation, and is a key writer/performer/filmer/director/editor in everything you see here. You may recognise him as the plastic-adorned villain in Mr. Conspicuous: The Man with the Plastic Hat. He also enjoys talking himself up for bios.

Tom Overend is 20 years of age and moved from the murky south of England to the Gold Coast, Australia, where he refuses to make a living. Tom wrote a science fiction novel and sent it to a few publishers but has had trouble hearing any responses over the sounds of their laughter. In the world of Heartless Corporation, Tom takes various roles including being a member of key cast in Slappity Bam, appearing as the martini-swilling protagonist in Mr. Conspicuous: The Man with the Plastic Hat, which he also created and co-wrote with Lucas Heil, and acts as creative consultant for many of Heartless Corporation's projects.